I’m pretty much like anyone else; I see things and sometimes I feel compelled to talk about the things I see…or shoot the things I see.

I contradict myself often, I understand the head-shaking sweetness of irony, and I have danced with Karma often enough to know stepping on her toes is not a good thing.  I hold doors open for people, I say please and thank you, but may say something if you are being a tool box.

I love colour, shooting life, balloons, beets, doll heads, Mountain Dew, horror movies, arty stuff, weirdness and adventures both large and tiny tiny.

I’m also allergic to more food stuffs than most people…the deadliest being shellfish, the most annoying would be corn…yeah, corn (yes, it totally blows).

I try to be as real as possible, avoid lying (because I’m much too lazy to try to remember the different versions), I procrastinate so much I think I subconsciously sabotage myself, I have dozens of interests and little time, I laugh often and speak more freely than most people dare to.

I’m part wombat, part Frankenstein, and part Kewpie doll and all me.