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Redbubble Account



A couple of weeks ago I heard of, and promptly started soon there after, a global shopping site called Redbubble.  They allow artists to upload their pieces and they supply the merchandise, shipping, and all that good stuff!  Today I sold my very first piece!  Below is a copy of the print that was purchased – Ren’s Fairy Pond.

Not only that, they are currently offering a promotion for 15% everything from the site for today only!  Please enter in the code below for your discount.  This can be used for any artist and any product.

Use code CIRCUS15
Expires August 29, 2016 at 11:59pm PT.

You can visit my page below:

Much thanks to all!


Universal Studio Dragon

Universal Studios

Universal Studios

Roosevelt Wetlands





Springtime Nature 2015

Forest Preserve Spring 2015  



Photos taken at First Avenue and Roosevelt Road, North Riverside, IL 


March 27, 2015 – spring freeze



City Hall 3/27/15


Chinatown 57


On The Heels of Spring

Holding tight until the Spring showers arrive.  

Sudsy Night 


Tree of Life


Out Of Bounds


Side Lights. 


Groundhog’s Day

Plenty of sun which means plenty of shadows. Six more weeks.





January 18th, 2015

Rays IMG_3443.JPG

Merch MartIMG_3442.JPG

Sun BurstIMG_3441.JPG

Watery River NorthIMG_3440.JPG

River NorthIMG_3439.JPG


11/20/14 – Universal Studios

Universal OverviewIMG_2049.JPGWizard’s GlowIMG_2048.JPG

Magic In DaylightIMG_2050.JPG

Magic At DuskIMG_2047.JPG