I really am boggled.  How do people handle their lives now-a-days?  How can someone work a full job, clean a home, make dinner, work out, be social, keep the bills paid and be on top of their appointment calendars let alone do anything create live write or do art, act, improv, make movie, or whatever else anyone is doing…and I’m not even talking about people with minions. 

I mean really, really baffled. 

I want whatever they are on.  I never have time to look at this blog let alone get it up and going.  I have tons of stuff to be creative…all over my house.  If I feel the urge, I have to go on a hunt and if, IF I find the stuff, I have wiped out any of my energy scouring piles.  Yes.  I have piles…piles and piles because it’s looking at piles or do the dishes, or do the laundry, or….and being smelly or having bugs live with me are not options. 

Who are these crazy people who have time to make all their own food?  Do you ever sleep????  I make half of what I eat…and after cooking and eating, the end of the night has arrived.  I used to have it more on the ball, but that was because I was an insomniac.  I have now set myself to a schedule and it seems most anything I would really like to do (art, write, photography, hanging with friends) have gone by the way side…okay, not all the way said the sunburn on my back from hitting the beach…in the daylight…for the first time since high school, this weekend.  But see, I went to the beach with friends to enjoy life and the day and when I got back, I was too exhausted to do anything else so the bf and I tried to watch a movie and crashed hard.

I believe I am having a mid-life crisis, but by the time I get around to exploring it, AARP will be sending me mail.  I feel kind of like I’m in a nightmare, the kind that suddenly you have to go back to school, but you haven’t been in months and it’s test day and you don’t know anything and the sense of dread that hits you and makes you never want to go back…yeah, kind of like that, but it’s my life and you can’t just say stop and hold on, wait while I get this and this done and fixed and…

So basically, I’m looking for that secret pill all these super amazing I do everything people are taking and not sharing.

Give it up you greedies!  I need me some!!