Ah, Springtime!  A time for change: a time to bust out of those wooly coats and winter boots and show off a little skin, a time for both cleaning and getting out of the house, and a time for flowers and buds to make their acquaintance with sun once again.  Many, many changes.  For me, I always feel the itch to be productive again…well, slightly more so than in the dead of winter.  I don’t mind driving, but I do mind driving in the slush and snow.  I don’t mind taking out the garbage, but mind more when I have to put on boots and a parka.  Ok, I don’t wear a parka.  It would most likely be this Zombies Ate My Neighbors thick pullover hoodie I have…but really, I have to take the time to put it on, and that neck hole is kinda tight so I have to take off my glasses, and, well, it’s much more of a hassle to do this simple task then, than say, when it’s 57 and sunny…which at this time in Chicago, we’re still kind of waiting.  Yes, Punxsutawney Phil may have to be replaced cuz he said our winter was over weeks ago.  But hey, why should he be better with knowing the fickleness of the weather any more than the weather peeps getting paid the big bucks?

But I’m getting off the point…if I was on point at all to begin with…oh, yes, change.  (if you thought it was about springtime, psyche!).  Actually, it’s a little bit of both.  Since the start of the year I’ve gone through a few changes.  I started seeing a new doctor after I was fed up with the last guy I had [interject dialogue from final visit] ‘Doc, the top of my foot will randomly freak out in intense pain so much so I literally start hobbling and then after a day or so it just walks itself off.’   ‘Well, you told me you went dancing.’  ‘Yes, that was a few months before the pain started.’  ‘Well, that’s why your foot hurts because people aren’t used to walking on the balls of their feet and when you dance, this is where you put most of your pressure.’  ‘I am fine with walking on my toes; I had been a toe-heel walker for a couple of decades.’  ‘No you weren’t, no one walks like that.’  ‘Um, a lot of Native Americans do.’  ‘But you’re not a Native American.’  ‘But I have walked on the balls of my feet often.’  ‘No you haven’t’….and that was the last time I saw that guy.

But yes, this why I went to see a new doctor…who not only listened to all my issues, but had answers for some even starting with, wow, you are severely vitamin D deficient (which is most likely why I’ve had ribs break during a bear hug or two) as well as having anemia…which I used to counter by eating beef, but I’m allergic to all things moo (sadly cuz I loved my milk!), so it was way out of whack since I wasn’t chowing the cow any longer.  It’s been awesome in that regard because I’m slowly getting back to the land of the living.  I was, for about six months, barely able to just go to work without suffering extreme exhaustion…which is a good thing because things are changing even still…

Back in January the bf and I went to Chinatown for their new year’s parade.  We mentioned to a small group of friends he may be moving in.  He said, yeah, like in a year or two.  Well, let’s fast forward to less than a month in advance.  A new job lands right in his lap.  More normal hours (he used to work 10-7), better insurance, and best yet, more money.  Now, he lives in the city with a couple of guys with offbeat jobs…jobs that let them stay up and party ‘til about 2:30 weeknights.  Now, bf needs his 8 hours of beauty rest and is as sensitive as the pea-sleeping princess.  So, in a few weeks it went from a year or so to how about July?  July, two weeks later, became May.  So, there you have it; soon there will be even more changes.  I will have a roommate – for the first time in about 9 years, and even more so, only the second guy I’ve lived with…the first one was a guy I called husband for about 3 ½ years.

And this is where that change and Springtime come full circle because by the end of said spring, there will hopefully be grasses’ green and another human shoved into my small single bedroom condo confines where we will huddle together in happiness with our two furry cat children awaiting the next phase of our lives.